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Stereo systems – easy setup and perfect to listen to music

Two loudspeakers, one left, one on the right of the sitting position. Both connected with an external amplifier or if it's an active speaker, the amplifier is integrated. But in both cases, they provide powerful sound and both systems are easy to set up. This mix of ease and performance is what makes stereo systems one the most beloved systems around. Via Bluetooth or WIFI you can play your favourite tunes at any time straight from your phone or laptop.

Further information:

The perfect setup: Sweet is the Spot

When setting up your sound system, don't just place it where there happens to be space, make sure you pay attention and place it in the perfect listening spot, the sweet spot. Your ears will be thankful for a very long time, for the sound system and its positioning, even if it means a little more work beforehand. You can learn about finding the sweet spot in our blog article here.

When buying a new stereo system, with recommended the following checklist:

  • Room size distribution: to make sure that the sound system fits to the dimensions of your home, check out our room size recommendation for the desired sound system.
  • Deciding speaker size: Smaller, compact speakers or a larger standing speaker? We have a large selection from mini to large speakers.
  • Checking setup spot: Where should the speakers and amplifier be setup? Teufel offers sound systems with stands and/or with wall mounts. No space for the speakers? Perhaps think about your wall or shelf space.
  • Connection possibilities: Should the music be played via USB stick, Bluetooth or digital radio? Should the CD sound system have a CD player? Can you connect a record player? 

When all the requirements are sorted, you can go to our Product Finder and use the filter to quickly find products that fit your needs.

Compact all-in-one music systems

Compact systems, which consist of active loudspeakers, offer all the features of larger sound setups but require a lot less space. The operation is mostly simple, but still functional. This makes these compact-all-rounders ideal for kitchens, children's rooms or holiday apartments. 
Stereo systems that are passive and require an amplifier are still very flexible and can be easily connected to another receiver.

The Kombo series - Music in stronger quality

With our Kombo series we offer stereo systems in various sizes and performances. Optional subwoofer can be added to create a stronger bass for techno, RnB or Hip Hop. That is valid from the mini sound system Kombo 22 right up to our Kombo 62, a heavy sound system that includes two standing loudspeakers. So you can find your perfect sound system for your gazebo, office, flat or whatever purpose comes to mind.

Teufel Dynamore: Stereo panorama with only one device

Thanks to their many years of expertise, our engineers can also elicit a stereo panorama from compact all-in-one devices, albeit virtually. This is possible thanks to various specially developed Teufel Dynamore technologies and the clever integration of additional drivers. With Teufel Dynamore Surround - integrated in the Radio 3sixty and special acoustic lenses, the sound is even output in 360 degrees - all around.

WIFI Sound system with integrated Raumfeld Technology

Discover WIFI stereo systems from Teufel and dive into a new dimension of music enjoyment. By integrating it into your home network, you can stream your favourite music conveniently from your smartphone or PC or laptop. Wireless streaming loudspeakers (including Internet radio) ensure a rich musical experience and lossless playback. Alternatively, WIFI sound bars can be used as space-saving sound bars.

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