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Complete hi-fi systems from Teufel Audio

Everyone wants to make the most of the space they have at home. That’s why Teufel's sound engineers work so hard to pack as much powerful high fidelity sound into as little space as possible.

We realize that not everyone has room for a full-sized hi-fi stereo system, yet many people find that compact systems have a sound to match their diminutive size. Teufel Audio’s micro and compact all-in-one systems are different. We guarantee powerful, true-to-source sound with all our products, no matter how small. When it comes to hi-fi systems that meet the most demanding space and sound requirements, Teufel Audio is the expert.

You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy full-fledged sound – All-in-one stereo systems from Teufel  are the way to go

Whether you’re in the market for a system for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, a child’s room, office, or exercise room, Teufel Audio’s webshop has a range of products to choose from. For instance, our Kombo 22 system has everything you need for full stereo enjoyment in smaller rooms: a radio receiver with 60 watts and integrated CD player, a USB port, and additional stereo input as well as connection possibilities for MP3 players, iPods, televisions and DVD players.

If you’re looking for bookshelf speakers that are powerful, harmonious, and stylish, the Ultima 20 is for you. These 2-way speakers deliver true-to-source stereo and work well with any receiver. For an all-in-one solution, you might want to opt for our Kombo 42 which consists of a pair of Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers along with a combined receiver/CD player.

The best hi-fi sound with compact stereo sets from Teufel

Teufel micro, compact, and all-in-one stereo systems are proof that you don’t need a huge amount of space to produce a large amount of sound. Teufel knows how to pull the maximum sound from smaller enclosures so you won’t have to choose between more space and more sound. The only choice you'll be faced with is which amazing Teufel system is right for you!