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Tower speakers – powerful sound for your living room

Those who want a very powerful and full sound should invest in good tower speakers for their television and music listening. For stereo sound, it’s very important that both speakers are balanced for a homogenous sound. A pair of good speakers that are set up properly  will produce a sound image with great details and clarity as well as well defined vocals and instruments.

Different types of stereo speakers

Tower loudspeakers are generally available in several varieties: With integrated subwoofers and without, passive and fully active with integrated amplifiers. Many stereo systems make use of an external subwoofer for bass playback. Home cinema systems that use tower speakers with integrated subwoofers will not require an additional external subwoofer to create the same high-impact sound. Those who opt for active tower speakers like the Ultima 40 Active, won't need an additional amplifer or AV receiver to power the system. Simply connect your music or movie source devices and enjoy gorgeous stereophonic sound!

Various sound characteristics of different stereo speakers

Stereo tower speakers can be employed for a number of different audio use scenarios. Whether you plan to watch an action-packed car chase on television or listen to a classical music concert, stereo speakers will deliver realistic and involving sound. Movie dialogue is well reproduced thanks to the speakers' excellent midrange drivers. Whatever source device you want to use – Blu-ray, DVD, or MP3 player – you’ll enjoy true-to-source playback with a well-defined soundstage.

Budget speakers from Teufel

An entire range of high-end tower speakers is available at Teufel. Our Theater series, Ultima line, and Theater Hybrid range in home cinema all offer the best possible sound. In Teufel Audio’s webshop, you’ll find amazing tower stereo speakers at unbeatable prices. In addition, Teufel Audio offers new sales promotions with a selection of our most popular audio products with either big discounts or other offers like free shipping or add-ons such as headphones or cable sets.

Teufel also gives its customers an 8 week trial period, so you can listen to our stereo speakers at home for up to 8 weeks without obligation.
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