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Ultimate stereo

Kombo 42 BT

High-performance stereo system with Bluetooth, CD, radio, TV and USB input
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Points forts

Ce pour quoi nous aimons ce produit
This musical all-rounder offers single-purchase Hi-Fi enjoyment. The included CD-receiver and Bluetooth connectivity provides access to a wide range of audio streaming from CDs, smartphones, audio files and FM radio. Coupled with the Ultima 20 Mk2 Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers, true stereo sound is guaranteed.
Vue d’ensemble des points forts
  • High-performance stereo system with Bluetooth, CD, radio, TV and USB input
  • Powerful 80 Watt amp for high, distortion-free levels
  • Includes Bluetooth-dongle with aptX for wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet in CD-quality
  • 2-way bookshelf speakers reproduce all signals in Hi-Fi sound quality
  • Speakers can be shelf-, stand- or wall-mounted
  • Connection for optional subwoofer and optional source input via line-in
  • Comes with remote control, speaker cable, cover, antennae and batteries
  • Suitable for rooms up to 25 m²
Premium speakers

Quality you can trust: The Ultima 20 are among the best bookshelf speakers in their price class. Our developers in Berlin made sure this stereo pair has the best-possible sound thanks to the following:

  • Large 25 mm tweeters for a silky, soft treble
  • Large 165 mm midrange drivers with phase plug produce balanced, evenly dispersed sound
  • Trumpet bass reflex vents eliminate wind noise and chuffing for deep, clean bass
  • Klippel-optimized drivers ensure an incredibly balanced frequency response

Each driver has been optimized by first-class Klippel technology – a first for speakers in this price class. This precision calibration technology allows the Ultima 20 to produce linear and balanced playback. Bass reflex ports with trumpet vents enhance the bass without wind noise. Well-braced wooden enclosures minimize vibrations resulting in a very clean sound.

Established, universal, timeless

The Ultima 20 Mk2 scores points on style with harmoniously rounded edges, compact dimensions, and cleverly accented drivers – a self-confident look sure to enhance any interior. The speakers can be seamlessly integrated into any home, fitting easily on either a shelf, wall, or floor stand.

Teufel Stereoanlage Kombo 42 Teufel Stereoanlage Kombo 42

For simple music enjoyment or blasting a party playlist: The compact Kombo 42 combines power and sophistication. Enjoy hi-fi sound at any volume level thanks to the following:

  • Low noise Class AB amplifier with 2 x 40 watts
  • High-end audio components, high-performance power adapter
  • Balanced tuning with large power reserves and deep bass
  • Full metal enclosure with dial and solid screw terminals / headphone output
Teufel Stereoanlage Kombo 42 Stereoanlage Kombo 42 BT Stereoanlage Kombo 42 BT
Ready to play

CDs, music from USB sticks or the radio: The Kombo 42 plays back everything with panache. Additional inputs make it possible to connect devices like televisions, smartphones and MP3 players.

Thanks to RDS technology, station names are communicated on the display and up to 40 stations can be saved. A handy remote makes it easy to control all system functions. The display shows the titles currently playing.

Wireless music streaming
The Kombo 42 Receiver comes with a Bluetooth Dongle that can be inserted into the system's USB port. The dongle uses the most current Bluetooth 4.0 standard along with the aptX codec for CD-quality streaming.
Teufel Stereoanlage Kombo 42
Easy streaming
The Kombo 42 Receiver comes prepared for a Bluetooth upgrade with a dedicated connection and on-device Bluetooth controls. A simple press of a button on the front of the receiver or remote control is all it takes to activate the Bluetooth streaming mode. The aptX codec enables the highest quality Bluetooth audio streams currently available.

Matériel inclus

  • CD Receiver KB 42
  • AM antenna for IP 42 CR / KB 42
  • FM antenna for IP 42 CR / KB 42
  • AAA battery
  • Remote control KB 42 RC for Kombo 42
  • IP 42 / KB 42 speaker cables (3.0m)
  • Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2
  • Dongle Bluetooth pour Kombo 42
33,50 cm

Données techniques

Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2
Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2
Hi-fi bookshelf speaker with two-way construction in a bass reflex enclosure. Excellent bass playback, neutral mids and detailed highs thanks to the 165 mm midbass driver with phase plug along with a 25 mm tweeter. The Ultima 20 MK 2 has a performance capacity of 80 watts with distortion-free playback in rooms up to 25 m².
Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2
Charge admise sur le durée (ICE long terme) 50
Puissance maximal (IEC - Short Term) 80 Watt
Sensibilité (2.83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
Puissance minimale amplificateur conseillée 30 Watt
Niveau de pression acoustique maximum 104 dB/1m
Impédance 4 - 8 Ohm
Gamme de fréquence de/à 70 - 20000 Hz
Fréquence de coupure interne 2600 Hz
Fréquence de transition vers Subwoofer conseillée 80
Tweeters (nombre par enceinte) 1
Tweeters (diamètre) 25,00 mm
Tweeters (matériel) Fabric
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (nombre par enceinte) 1
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (diamètre) 165,00 mm
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (matériel) Kevlar/fiberglass, chrome-coloured phase plug
Principe acoustique 2-way
Type d’enceinte Bass reflex
Type de matériel MDF
Surface du boitier foil
Event 1
Event (position) backside
Capot avant amovible Oui
Volume intérieur net 10 litre
Diamètre nominal des vis du pied de support 6,00 mm
Bornes de raccord Screw terminals, gold plated
Compatible avec fiche banane Oui
Diamètre maximal du câble 4,00 mm
Compatible avec Récepteur AV Oui
Profondeur 24,00 cm
Largeur 21,50 cm
Hauteur 33,50 cm
Poids 6 kg
CD Receiver KB 42
CD Receiver KB 42
Complete stereo receiver for music, TV sound and radio
CD Receiver KB 42
Sortie casque audio 6,3mm Yes
Bluetooth-ready Oui
Entrée RCA stéréo 3
Entrée stéréo jack 3,5 mm 1
Sortie RCA stéréo 1
Sortie Subwoofer Yes
Sorties haut-parleur High Level 2
USB 2.0 Yes, with aptX codec
Divers Mit Bluetooth-Dongle Bluetooth fähig
CD-Audio Oui
Divers Supports CD-R and CD-RW
Radio disponible Oui
Espace mémoire pour sauvegarde des stations 40
FM - VHF Oui
AM - MF Oui
Technologie de l’amplificateur Class AB
Configuration de l’amplificateur 2.1
Canaux de l’amplificateur 2
Puissance de sortie maximale des satellites 40 Watt
Puissance de sortie (RMS) des satellites 25 Watt
Tension en service 230 Volt
Fonction Standby Yes
Consommation électrique en mode Standby 0,50 Watt
Consommation d’énergie maximale 120 watt
Câble d’alimentation fixe Oui
Marche/arrêt automatique Oui
Ecran d’affichage Oui
Télécommande infrarouge Oui
Matériel Synthetic
Profondeur 35,00 cm
Largeur 27,50 cm
Hauteur 13,50 cm
Poids 5,80 kg
Kombo 42 Bluetooth Dongle
Kombo 42 Bluetooth Dongle
Ermöglicht Bluetooth-Streamen über den Kombo 42 Receiver
Kombo 42 Bluetooth Dongle
Bluetooth 4.0
Divers aptX-Codec für Übertragung in CD-Qualität
Profondeur [cm] 5.5
Largeur [cm] 3
Hauteur [cm] 1.5
Divers When inserted into the system, the dongle extends 5 cm


The more you click, the more you save.
Kombo 42 BT
Kombo 42 BT
399,99 €
Accessoires adaptés
RearStation 4 Mk2
Vous économisez 3.33%
RearStation 4 Mk2
  • Sender/Empfänger/Verstärker-Set: Funk-Erweiterung für Lautsprecher
  • Musikübertragung in jedem Wohnraum - ohne Kabelverlegen
  • Drahtlose Rückraumbeschallung für Heimkino-Surround-Lautsprecher
  • 80 Watt Maximalleistung, Fernbedienung inklusive
  • Smartes, kleines Gehäuse: unauffällig platzierbar
  • Maximale Entfernung: 20 Meter
299,99 €
290,00 €
Dongle Bluetooth pour Kombo 42
Vous économisez 5%
Dongle Bluetooth pour Kombo 42
  • Ermöglicht Bluetooth-Streamen über den Kombo 42 Receiver
  • Einfachste Installation: Dongle wird einfach wie ein USB-Stick angesteckt
  • Kombo 42 Receiver ist bereits für Bluetooth vorbereitet mit Taste am Gerät und auf Fernbedienung
  • Dongle unterstützt Codec aptX für beste Signal-Qualität beim Streamen
  • Funktioniert nicht mit Kombo 42 2015 bzw. dem CD Receiver IP 42 CR
49,99 €
47,49 €
Connecteur Raumfeld
Connecteur Raumfeld
  • Verbindet jede HiFi-Anlage mit der Musikwelt des Internets
  • High End-D/A-Wandler von Cirrus Logic™ (128 dB Signal/Rauschabstand)
  • Spotify, SoundCloud, TIDAL, TuneIn, eigene Musik und 100+ weitere via Chromecast built-in
  • Android-Streaming, iOS-Streaming, Netzwerk-, USB-Speicher, DLNA/ UPnP-Medienspeicher
  • Bedienung über gratis App (iOS & Android) für alle Displaygrößen
  • Multiroom-Setups für Musik in mehreren Räumen möglich
199,99 €
179,99 €
Support de fixation murale AC 7500 SM
Vous économisez 5%
Support de fixation murale AC 7500 SM
  • Wandhalter für Kompakt-Lautsprecher im klassischen Holzboxen-Format und Dipole
  • Mobilität: Horizontal und vertikal
  • Farbe: Schwarz
  • Material: Metall
  • Verpackungseinheit: Stück
29,99 €
28,49 €
Prise RCA stéréo C7530A 3,0 m
Vous économisez 5%
Prise RCA stéréo C7530A 3,0 m
  • Hochwertiges Verbindungskabel Stereo-Cinch
  • Verwendung: Signalquellen an DecoderStation / ControlStation oder Verstärker / AV-Receiver
  • Länge: 1,5 Meter / 3 Meter
  • Anschlüsse: 2 x Cinch / 2 x Cinch
  • Farbe: Schwarz
19,99 €
18,99 €
15 m Lautsprecherkabel C2515S
Vous économisez 5%
15 m Lautsprecherkabel C2515S
  • Lautsprecherkabel 2 x 2,5 mm²
  • Verwendung: Lautsprecher der Spitzenklasse
  • Länge: 15 Meter / 30 Meter
  • Querschnittsfläche: 2,5 mm²
  • Farbe: Weiß
26,99 €
25,64 €
Fiche banane C8502P (paire)
Vous économisez 5%
Fiche banane C8502P (paire)
  • Bananenstecker, Gold beschichtet mit Schraubklemme
  • Verwendung: Lautsprecher / Verstärker / AV-Receiver
  • Farbe: Gold
  • Material: Metall
  • Verpackungseinheit: 2 Stück
  • Für Kabel bis 4 mm²
7,99 €
7,59 €
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