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Bookshelf speakers from Teufel – sonic space savers

Top qaulity knows no size limitations and the bookshelf speakers offered by Teufel are proof. Their small size allows them to be easily placed on a shelf which not only saves space, it makes setup a breeze! They can also be wall mounted or placed on stands. Bookshelf speakers can be used for a wide range of playback scenarios from music, to gaming and movie sound. Teufel bookshelf speakers feature a well-tuned 2-way construction consisting of a midbass driver and tweeter for impressive sound from small dimensions. Teufel’s broad range of bookshelf speakers includes the following models:

  • VT 11
  • Concept B 20
  • Ultima 20
  • T 300
  • Omniton 202/Wireless

Bookshelf speakers in a subtle design

Except for the Concept B 20 which was designed as a PC speaker, all of Teufel’s bookshelf models are pure stereo speakers. This means that they will need to be connected to an A/V receiver or amplifier. Discreet designs make the speakers easy to integrate into any existing hifi system. Some of the bookshelf speakers are available in various colour combinations that you can choose from. The Omniton 202 is a truly universal set. These robust, water proof speakers can be employed inside or outside – perfect for your next garden party.  

The right bookshelf speakers for a fair price

At Teufel Audio, you’ll find bookshelf speakers at the best possible prices. Since Teufel is the direct seller, we save on retail costs – savings we can pass on to you. This means that the quality we deliver for the price we charge is really unbeatable. In 99 – 399 Euro price range, Teufel offers a large selection of stereo bookshelf speakers in its webshop. Your ideal music system is just a few clicks away!

We also offer an 8 week free at-home trial without obligation and a 12 year guarantee should you decide to keep the speakers. If you have any questions, our customer support team is happy to help you.

Blu-ray column systems unite high-quality picture and movie sound with stunning, high-performance speakers. Four columns speakers plus a centre and subwoofer make up each of Teufel’s 5.1 Blu-ray column speaker systems and ensure the perfect home cinema atmosphere. Each Blu-ray system from Teufel constitutes an extremely flexible home entertainment unit capable of playing back television, radio, music or tracks from a USB storage device with amazing sound quality.  
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