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High-end streaming by Teufel

Enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality with Teufel Streaming systems. Wi-Fi music streaming makes it possible for music lovers to access a nearly limitless selection of songs and artists and play their favourite tunes back in Hi-Fi sound quality. Integrated network components connect the speaker to the music collections of various streaming services as well as internet radio and personal music libraries made available on home networks. In addition, each device is equipped with a high-end DAC for converting even lossless audio files into CD quality sound. Premium audio components play everything back with incredible detail, depth and realism for the impression of experience your music live.

Teufel offers a Wi-Fi speaker for every room and use case

The Raumfeld multi-room system offers a speaker for every room and use case. Single speaker solutions like the One S and One M are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and workrooms. Authentic stereo pairs like the Stereo Cubes, Stereo M and Stereo L create an impressive soundstage comparable to that of high-end wired speaker systems. Advanced audio components like coaxial drivers and specially designed bass reflex vents mean you’ll experience a well-structured sound with a realistic, 3-dimenstional quality and depth. Powerful internal amplifiers can fill even larger rooms with sound. For those who want to enjoy both music streaming and intense movie and TV sound, Teufel offers a Soundbar and Sounddeck.

The Teufel Soundbar and Sounddeck Streaming: music streaming and home cinema combined

The Teufel Soundbar Streaming comes with a flat subwoofer for easy, anywhere room placement and thrilling sound with movies, music and gaming. The soundbar’s premium broadband drivers reproduce the entire frequency range with incredible neutrality and realism. Proprietary Wellenfeld Technology produces a broad, room-filling soundstage. Four playback modes make it possible to perfectly adjust the sound to what you’re listening to: Stereo for music, Arena for sports, Theater for movies and Voice for the nightly news. The Teufel Sounddeck Streaming offers the same Wellenfeld Technology and great sound with two integrated woofers. The sturdy wooden cabinet can take the weight of even the heaviest televisions making this sound system a practical sonic pedestal for your home entertainment needs.

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