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Home cinema systems from Teufel

A home cinema system can take many forms depending on a person’s budget, room size,  and taste. M ost of the time, the preference is for 5.1 or even 5.2, or 7.1 surround sound, but because of space constraints, some people opt for 2.0 or 2.1 systems or soundbars to enhance their television or movie sound. Whatever the size or form a home cinema systems takes, it should deliv ery powerful sound with realistic effects and clear speech intelligibility; and when it comes to these criteria, Teufel always delivers.

All-in-one, compact, & column speaker surround sets

When it comes to full 5.1 surround, Teufel offers all-in-one sets with Blu-ray receivers with its Impaq range as well as compact, entry-level sets with the Consono series and our exquisite Cubycon 2 – a 5.1 micro speaker set with mega sound. Our Columa and LT series offer majestic column speakers with and without accompanying A/V receivers. There is also a range of surround systems that employ Teufel’s award-winning floorstanding stereo speakers such as the Theater 500 and Ultima 40 Surround. The Theater 6 Hybrid also offers a surround system with stereo speakers, only each of these contains an integrated subwoofer for even more punch and power.

THX certified home cinema sets, soundbars and 2.1 options

In 1996, Teufel became Germany’s first provider of THX licensed speakers – the gold standard when it comes to surround sound. From the System 10 with Ultra2 THX certification to the System 4 – the world’s first 5.1 system with THX Compact Speaker System certification, Teufel offers a wide range of systems in all sizes and price points. We even offer soundbars with THX Speaker Bar certification.

For those looking for the maximum home cinema sound in the smallest possible space, The Cinebar 11 is a great solution as is the 2.1 system, the Motiv 2 Mk2.

Whatever the system’s size and configuration, all Teufel home cinema speakers offer the same immersive, edge of your seat experience – guaranteed.