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  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set
  • Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set

Cinebar 51 THX WLAN-music system Set

The clever combination: powerful TV sound plus nonstop music!
Immediately ready to play: one bundle of the Cinebar 51 THX and the Raumfeld Connector
Cinebar 52 THX Streaming
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  • Jusqu'à 12 ans de garantie
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Points forts

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  • Immediately ready to play: one bundle of the Cinebar 51 THX and the Raumfeld Connector
  • Cinebar 51 THX – an enormously powerful soundbar/subwoofer set with the first THX speakerbar license
  • Raumfeld Connector – the wireless network player, delivering internet radio, online music services, network and USB-saved sound
  • Thanks to 6 drivers + a sub you’ve got sound for film and music of any type
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker technology simulates surround sound for the perfect sound experience
  • Recommended for rooms up to 35 m²

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THX Certified
THX Speaker Bar
dts Digital Entertainment
The dream of every home cinema fan

An enormously powerful, dynamic THX set in a compact, space-saving design. As a THX home cinema trail blazer, Teufel mastered the technology of creating cinema quality sound in a range of easily integrated designs. We most recently pioneered the adaptation of this demanding standard to the elegant and versatile soundbar.

Surround yourself with sound, not speakers

The Cinebar 51 THX is more than an upgrade for your flatscreen sound – it takes you into the depths of a true cinema experience with the hassle free set-up and elegant look of a soundbar.

It doesn't matter whether you're watching a Blu-ray action movie, a drama with a lot of dialogue on DVD, a live concert on CD, or the latest dance tracks from a USB flash drive - the Cinebar 51 THX delivers breathtaking bass and goosebump-inducing sound with fantastic power reserves. Whatever the sound source, the result is a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

An enormous power output of 350 watts delivers more than enough sound for rooms up to 35 square meters; and thanks to Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, you’ll experience a rich and powerful dimensionality that will send your guests looking for where the other speakers are hidden.

All THX certified speaker bars fulfil the highest standards for audio construction so you know you’re getting the best technology out there. Our Cinebar 51 THX features two aluminium tweeters with 25 mm drivers and a total of four 100 mm midrange/bass drivers with very robust yet lightweight coated cellulose membranes capable of translating power from the efficient class D amplifier into high-impact, clear sound.

The soundbar is supported by an outstanding subwoofer with a 150 watt amplifier and a 250 mm bass driver. The use of THX Boundary Gain Compensation ensures that you perceive full, powerful, and precise bass no matter where you sit in the room.

The Cinebar 51 THX offers a wide range of connection possibilities including optical and coaxial digital inputs, two stereo cinch inputs as well as a USB port located directly beneath the display.

The Cinebar 51 THX has it all: power, THX certification, and an elegantly minimalist design.

Technical Details

•    Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology for a 5.1 sound
•    Powerful 150 watt subwoofer with a 35 Hz low end frequency limit
•    THX Boundary Gain Compensation technology for optimal bass sound anywhere in the room
•    Remote control, wall mountings, and table stands included in delivery
•    Recommended for rooms up to 35 m²
Mehr Spaß durch mehr Bass

Unterstützt wird der Cinebar 51 von einem aktiven Subwoofer mit satten 150 Watt an Endstufenleistung und einem 250-mm-Tieftöner. Damit die Basswiedergabe unabhängig von der Sitzposition im Raum stets satt, druckvoll und präzise bleibt, ist eine THX „Boundary Gain Compension“ gleich mit dabei.

Audio Streaming
This is your easy entry access point to audio streaming in your home. The connector combines with Raumfeld technology to bring you the Berliner audio that you would expect from a quality German manufacturer like Teufel. The Raumfeld Connector connects your present HiFi system with the internet and enables WLAN streaming and internet music. Enjoy your internet music or other signal sources (external hard drives, USB sticks) wirelessly, throughout your room.

Smart Raumfeld App (Android and iOS)
With the free Raumfeld App the Raumfeld Connector delivers the wide world of internet music right into your living room. Now you can enjoy more than 50,000 international and local radio stations and over 12 million songs available on Napster.

Intuitive Use
Maybe you just want last.fm to pick your music for you, it’s all easy with this intuitive to use connector. Thanks to the easy usage and perfect integration you’ll discover your favourites quickly. The system allows too for you to save them all and listen to them later.

Multiroom Play
If you want to expand your Raumfeld system, the Raumfeld App helps you control and select your music styles for Multiroom play.

Amazing Sound Quality
Thanks to the 24 bit/ 96 kHz Cirus Logic™ Digital analogue converter, the Raumfeld Connector delivers above average, enormous playback. Play through various Multiroom music selections is smooth, synchronous and bump-free.

Easy and Intuitive
Whether with the Raumfeld iPhone App or the room system Raumfeld Controller: all usage is easy, intuitive and stress-free. Specialised technical knowledge is simply not necessary with this unique system.

Compatible and Open
The entire Raumfeld by Teufel Multiroom HiFi systems are based on open standards such as UPnP and WLAN. Raumfeld components work with most other devices in your network: such as the Windows Media Player 12, network sharing, NAS networks or other UPnP servers and web radios.

Music Streaming Everywhere
The Raumfeld Connector can play either alone or as part of a further Raumfeld system to deliver sound to multiple rooms throughout your home. Choose your individual components for your own unique system, and save 10% into the bargain.

All Teufel products come with a 12 year guarantee, an eight week trial period, and our low low prices are inclusive of VAT! Order your shipment of Teufel Branded goods today. Still not convinced? Give us a call on 00800 200 300 400, you know what you want, and we have the product range to meet your wildest desires from sound technology. Together we can work out a perfect match. 

If you have an older stereo system that you just love, you don't have to give it up in order to stream music. The Raumfeld Connector introduces your stereo system to the new Wi-Fi world of audio streaming allowing you to enjoy the benefits: A universe of music and wireless options plus multi-room setup options and easy controls (the free Raumfeld App), with absolutely no loss sound quality! Raumfeld components work with most other devices in your network, such as the Windows MediaPlayer 12, network sharing, NAS networks or other UPnP servers.

Widen your sound horizons with the Raumfeld Connector!

Matériel inclus

  • Subwoofer CB 51 SW
  • mono cinch cable for Sounbar CB 51 SB
  • Soundbar Cinebar 51
  • Table Stand CB 51 TP
  • Remote Control CB 51 RC
  • Raumfeld Connector
  • Prise RCA pour Raumfeld Connector
  • Câble d’alimentation pour Raumfeld Connector
  • LAN-Cable 3.0m CAT5E - C7503N

Données techniques

Soundbar Cinebar 51
Soundbar Cinebar 51
THX multitalent in a compact form - the Cinebar 51 THX offers timeless elegance and enormous performance.

The Cinebar 51 THX with ist closed housing construction works on a two and a half-way principle with two aluminium tweeters with 25 mm and two mid-to low range drivers from coated cellulose and a 100 mm width. The membrane materials offer the best in highest performance and pressure - and with the following benefits: fantastic impulse delivery and enormous dynamics. With a performance from 100 watts per satellite channel, larger rooms are more than full of powerful sound.

With ist optical and coaxial digital inputs, 2 RCA analogue inputs and a USB 2.0 attachment the Soundbar offers a tremendous connection opportunity. With the USB connect your MP3, MP3 pro and WMA data.

The decoder element is fully kitted out and offers DTS and Dolby Digital as well as Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Virtual Speaker for fantastic, room filling sound from just one soundbar. Three programs are possible: Stereo, Reference or Wide. The Cinebar 51 THX can be set up with table feet or a wall mount - both are included in the delivery.
Soundbar Cinebar 51
Tweeters (nombre par enceinte) 2
Tweeters (diamètre) 25,00 mm
Tweeters (matériel) Aluminium
Haut-parleurs de mediums (nombre par enceinte) 2
Haut-parleurs mediums (diamètre) 100,00 mm
Haut-parleurs mediums (matériel) Cellulose, coated
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (nombre par enceinte) 2
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (diamètre) 100,00 mm
Haut-parleurs graves/mediums (matériel) Cellulose, coated
Principe acoustique 2.5-way
Type d’enceinte Closed
Entrées numériques coaxiales 1
Sorties numériques optiques 1
Entrée RCA stéréo 2
Sortie Subwoofer 1
USB 2.0 1
DTS DTS 5.1 / DTS 2.0
MP3 Oui
Divers MP3 pro
Dolby Digital Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 AC-3
Dolby Pro Logic Oui
Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Music, Game
Dolby Virtual Speaker Wide / Reference / Off
Type d’appareil Soundbar
Technologie de l’amplificateur Class D
Canaux de l’amplificateur 2
Puissance de sortie maximale des satellites 150 Watt
Puissance de sortie (RMS) des satellites 100 Watt
Ecran d’affichage Oui
Profondeur 12,00 cm
Largeur 101,00 cm
Hauteur 13,25 cm
Poids 8,60 kg
Subwoofer CB 51 SW
Subwoofer CB 51 SW
The Cinebar 51’s subwoofer rounds out its sound from the bottom up with an extremely powerful bass all the way down to 35 Hz. The subwoofer’s contribution is essential to the Cinebar 51's ability to reproduce sound on par with conventional home cinema systems.

An integrated amplifier with 150 watt power output fires a 250 mm bass driver. The specially configured bass reflex enclosure ensures optimal performance.

The subwoofer can fill rooms up to 35 m² with a rich, full bass. An auto on switch enables an energy-saving standby mode.

The CB 51 SW is only sold together with the Cinebar 51 and cannot be ordered separately.
Subwoofer CB 51 SW
Haut-parleurs graves (nombre par enceinte) 1
Haut-parleurs graves (diamètre) 250,00 mm
Haut-parleurs graves (matériel) Cellulose, coated
Type d’enceinte Bass reflex (sidefire)
Event 1
Event (position) Bottom
Blindage magnétique Oui
Entrée RCA 1
Fréquence limite inférieur (-3 dB) 35 Hz
Réglage du niveau de volume d’entrée Yes
Profondeur 46,00 cm
Largeur 30,50 cm
Hauteur 42,00 cm
Poids 17,20 kg
Raumfeld Connector
Raumfeld Connector
The Raumfeld Connector connects your existing stereo/home cinema system into the Raumfeld system and makes WLAN streaming and Internet music services available to you. It transmits music from the web and all common audio sources (i.e. Internet/WLAN-PC, external hard drive, USB stick) directly to your sound system.

The device receives all audio signals from your system, encodes them in real-time and puts them into your Raumfeld WLAN. It uses a 24bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic™ Digital/Analog converter with an extremely low total harmonic distortion, meaning you can wirelessly transmit your music loss-free.

Control it via the Raumfeld Controller or any UPnP control point (i.e. Windows Media Player 12). All settings are automatically transferred via the push of a button.
Raumfeld Connector
Wifi Oui
Wifi 1
Sorties numériques optiques 1
Entrée RCA stéréo 1
Sortie RCA stéréo 1
USB 1.1 1
Radio Internet Oui
Profondeur 13,00 cm
Largeur 15,50 cm
Hauteur 3,00 cm
Poids 0,31 kg
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