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Subwoofer: 11 Produits
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Teufel subwoofers - In a league of their own

We have developed matching speaker systems for all our home cinema systems. The front, central and rear loudspeakers, along with a matching bass speaker produce a harmonious sound.

The correct subwoofer depends on the level of home cinema sound. From powerful explosions and menacing rumbles to orchestral soundscapes: well-designed and perfectly proportioned bass speakers from Teufel ensure film-ready sounds. Expand your home cinema with a second woofer and enjoy excellent bass. For those of you who have also set up your own home cinema systems, we offer powerful woofers in our speaker shop.

Individual woofer components - deluxe bass performance

The T 1300 SW, at an attractive price point of less than € 400, can be easily combined with existing systems and offers trouble-free set up. The T 1300 SW is compatible with 2.1, 5.1. or 7.1 systems, and even allows for the use of a second subwoofer due to an additional output jack. The design of the device, with a strong 250-watt power amplifier and a 250mm tweeter, means that rooms up to 40sqm can be filled with sound. The T 1300 subwoofer is also capable of producing bass levels up to 33 Hz absolutely precisely. A separate volume control, phase control, integrated on / off switch and a control for frequency range add to the ease of use. The T 1300 SW is an excellent and comfortable all-rounder.

The S 8000 subwoofer is a subwoofer of the highest class - certified for the demanding THX-Ultra-2 standard and operated by remote control. With a powerful 500-watt output, the S 800 effortlessly fills rooms up to 100sqm with sound. An integrated digital signal processor (DSP) ensures lossless adjustment of the desired sound image. Despite these outstanding performance features, the device is still relatively small with only one built-in 300mm tweeter, and therefore also fits into normal living rooms. The successful balancing act between size and performance comes as the result of over 20 years in-house expertise in the production of subwoofers. The T 8000 offers features that go far beyond the possibilities of similar subwoofers:
  • Adjustable high-pass / rumble filter (20-60 Hz)
  • Adjustable low-pass filter for various combination options (60-220 Hz)
  • Adjustable sensitivity from -10 dBu to 0 dBu (for weak subwoofer outputs on the AV receiver)
  • Optimal signal detection for automatic switch-on from standby mode
  • Volume, phase, mute and THX volume can be controlled remotely
  • Protection of the woofer from DC voltage and high currents
  • Protection from over-heating with throttling
  • Limits high input signals very effectively
The absolute giant of Teufel's bass range goes by the name S 10000 SW. The trombones of Jericho seem like whistles in comparison to this high-end subwoofer of biblical proportions. Equipped with a THX® Ultra 2™ certificate, a sine wave power of 750-watt and two 380mm woofers, you can fill up to 150m² spaces with super powerful Teufel bass. A maximum sound pressure of 111 dB and bass levels up to 25 Hz make the S 10000 SW the unquestionable King of the subwoofer universe.

All the bass for little money with a Teufel subwoofer

This section from Teufel should give a first impression of how our subwoofer range is arranged. Just take a look and choose the right subwoofer for you.
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